Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Those Twinkling Eyes

It seems like the last few ... maybe even the last MANY ... months have been very full of this guy. True, there are two almost-8-mos.-olds crawling around and pulling up on things. But even combined, their efforts at thwarting my day's plans pale in comparison to the work of this one.

He's two, and every bit of two. The problem is not his two-ness (though I won't cry to see it go); it's his independence. He thinks he can do everything -- dress himself, get himself snacks, dispose of the stink bugs that have invaded our house, rearrange the living room videos, pull out band-aids for every possible imagined owie (he even has owies on imagined body parts!), go potty, and change the babies' diapers.


I don't think I need to go into details. You can use your imagination. Just so long as you understand he thinks he is fully capable of doing all of these things without any help AND without any adult's knowledge that he is undertaking these tasks.

Two dangerous phrases to hear him say are, "Just a minute" and "I'll be right back."

Those two phrases mean he is not or soon will not be in your presence. And as hard as it is to have a 2-yr. old by your side when you're trying to school (cook/clean/fold/nap), it is much harder to not have him by your side.

I don't get a lot Done during the day, but I sure get a lot Undone.


  1. So I am thinking he and Abigail are bosom buddies. :)

  2. Yes, Andrea, except Abigail's doings seem so much more innocent...more...I don't know...blonde?

    While Jonathan's seem very dark and devious. He's a sinister one. Bad, bad baby boy.

    So if they got together in fifteen years, he would get her into a lot of trouble that she just wouldn't see coming (but would thoroughly enjoy nonetheless). Oh, no. I just had a thought. We may still be dealing with their toilet paper messes that many years from now ... this time, in trees!

  3. Perish the thought! Desitin, anyone? :)
    (And for the record, if you see her smile, you know there's some devil in there.) I also think she's too crafty to really be blonde.

  4. Ha! Oh, no! Abigail, you better watch it ... your big eyes might have me fooled, but your mama isn't!


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