Sunday, September 19, 2010

It'll Grow Back

Mom asked what my haircut looked like. This is it, Mom.

And my, what huge hands I have.

I went in just for more layers. She said, "No, your face is long, not wide. If you wear it in a ponytail all the time anyway, why not go for short?" I acquiesced with her reasoning but decided during the final rinse that I would go back to the original plan. Only I'm polite, and I waited for a break in her monologue to back out of the shearing.

The "break" came after her first cut. Which was quite a bit above my shoulders.

And I have to say, I think I was right. My face is decidedly wide. My new strategy is to stand next to Conan O'Brien in pictures, and then it won't look so wide.

I think what most irritates me is that it is SUCH an, "I'm in my thirties and have eight kids" cut. Because, you know, I am in my thirties and I do have eight kids, but we don't need to broadcast that from the top of my head.

And is that an optical illusion, or is one of my eyes looking up in the corner while the other is looking straight to the side? Because if they are really doing that, then I think I may have developed a talent (???) that could serve me well with these children...


  1. And YOU are a good sister. And liar.

  2. Okay, not lying. I really, really, like it. It's feminine and cute and sassy. (How do you like all those adjectives?) And has one who has lots of experience now with short cuts, I should know. :)

    Have to tell you. My boys need cuts and I commented on the fact. Noah said, "NO WAY am I getting it cut like yours, Mom!" So now that's my threat. "If you give me a hard time, I am taking you to get a haircut like mine."

  3. I absolutely love it!!

    And, btw, if you get a chance when the kiddos are in bed, give me a call. I have incredible news!
    And, yes, it is an update to my last email.

  4. I love the new do. It's beautiful. So are you!


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