Friday, September 10, 2010

I Flit, I Float, I Fleetly Flee, I Fly...

Goodbye, Facebook!

Let's face it (get it? "FACE" it??). I have 8 kids and no time. NO time. No time to be reading superficial postings from a bazillion friends (get it? "FRIENDS"??).

So I left Facebook. I would like to leave a message (get it? "MESSAGE"??) to those who privately contacted me. I felt like we had a real conversation. The rest? It was fun bumping into you. I just bumped a little too often and can't handle the frenzy.

I also prefer to be on the same side as my husband when there's mocking going on. I've spent too many late nights with Netflix in the background trying to defend my incessant need to check on everyone around the world, especially during previews and slow parts of movies.

He's right. (See that, Ethan? I'm admitting YOU'RE RIGHT!!!) I don't need it and it doesn't need me. No one was the better for my having poked (get it? "POKED"?? Oh, I am ALL OVER the Facebook humor!) my nose in everyone's business.

And I have some business around here I need to poke my nose into. Like laundry. Although that was a bad example. I think I'll just hold my nose with that one.

But please send me an email, ask for my phone number, or leave me a comment anytime. I love to talk to my friends. I just don't need to know who changed whose diaper when or what everyone else is having for dinner (and really? REALLY? I mean, when are you fixing this stellar organic whole-food ensemble? In between building barns and family feud? {Again with the humor...}). Although, if you email me or call me or comment to me about that, I'll probably be interested. Anything to distract from the diapers and meal-planning HERE...

All right. It's done. I'm outta there like Coy and Vance Duke outta Hazzard County. (See? You don't even remember them!)

And, Ethan? What're we watchin' tonight?


  1. Oh, I'm so sad! I loved hearing about your diapers and meal planning. And the way to get around the mocking is to convince your husband to join Facebook, like I did, then he'll see how fun it is to exchange snipits with folks from your past. None of us NEED Facebook, but we all need a little break from the real world from time to time. The trick is not to let it become ALL the time, just when the kids are sleeping!

  2. Oh, Carol, you temptress. There are several hurdles here: 1) My husband will never join. Never. He's no social butterfly. He's a But it's more important that I be social to him than to the world-at-large. 'Cuz he's larger than the world to me. 2) My break from the real world usually comes in the form of a conversation with my 3-yr. old. 3)I am very bad at limiting myself. "Just let me check so-and-so...ooooh, they've loaded pictures....I know her, let me friend her..." 4) The only time all of my children are sleeping is late at night (I no longer have all nappers!). This is time I want to be spending elsewhere.

    But I'm not nay-saying it for everyone!

    Just for me.

  3. Just for the record, I remember Coy and Vance Duke. Does that make me pathetic? And I'll miss you on FB, but know we can keep up via blogs, or e-mail, or someday we'll get out your way. :)

  4. Awe. So sad. But at least I found your blog through your FB, and can keep up with you that way.

    I just hide all the games and farmvilles, etc that friends would put in the news feeds. That way all I see is only status updates and pics.

    Great to be able to catch up with you again. :)

  5. Andrea, it doesn't make you pathetic, just poetic ;)

    And it proves you were a fan of "Dukes of Hazzard." And there's nothing pathetic about that!

  6. Judith,

    It's good to be back in touch with you, too. Can you send me your blog address so I can bookmark it?

    Thanks! Your knitting inspires me :)

  7. Hi Rachel,

    My blog address:

    It just has all my knitting on it. My email is

    Thanks. I love inspiring people. :) I also love knitting. :) I have a craft fair coming up in a month, so I'm a busy bee right now.

    And I used to love the Dukes of Hazard.

  8. Oh Rachel... I was going to check on you (via FB of course) and found you gone. SOB. I love the easyness of it.. pop in, ask a question.. pop out and I am on to the next thing.

    Glad you are still blogging - you make me laugh! (And think... mostly I need the laughing, so I will keep coming back.. althought the thinking is good, too..)

    Here is my e-mail:

    I need yours... I don't want to bug you, but e-mail seems to be the best way to let myself (and other busy mommas) get back to me on their own time.

    missing you on FB already...


  9. I'm with Carol!! I loved your snippets on diapers & meal planning, but I'm so glad you are still blogging! Your blog makes me happy.

    And love Ethan's visor!!


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