Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wherein I Sympathize with the Pressure Cooker

Last week, it was the washing machine that smelled like vomit. We took it apart and scraped out the mold and bleached the parts and put it back together.

A snowy jaunt through the school lot near us

Yesterday, it was the pressure cooker exploding black beans all over my kitchen ceiling.

So tonight, when Ethan was away at the prayer meeting and our upstairs obstinate, finicky toilet overflowed all over the bathroom floor with two inches of water, causing four boys to come racing downstairs with a huge explanation of exactly who was in the bathroom and exactly what did NOT happen, causing me to holler, "Just tell me what DID happen!!! What are you even TALKING about???" and then racing upstairs to decode their explanation and then plunging the toilet and then racing downstairs to get on my shoes and then racing outside to unlock the shed and then racing back in for the chicken-closing-up flashlight which was misplaced and then racing around for ANY flashlight and meanwhile hollering EVERYONE JUST STAY IN YOUR ROOMS AND MAKE THEM PERFECT!!! and then racing back out to the shed and then clumsily climbing over tools and beach accessories to reach the shop vac and then racing back in (slower, this time, with the shop vac) and then racing upstairs (slower still) and then vacuuming up the water and throwing sopping towels in the tub and then switching the laundry over so as to make room in the washing machine for said sopping towels...

Well. The shreds of paper left over from snowflake-making that I did not initiate, and the random crayons, markers, and drawing books strewn ALL OVER may have just been my undoing. I threatened to lock up anything that...moved.

But just then...

My four oldest girls came downstairs with a sheet of colored paper, folded neatly and tied daintily with some baker's twine.

"This is for you," they said.

Dear Mama,
We are
Sorry for all The wrong Things we did today.
Heres a little something from all of us listed below.
We hope you like them!
Lily - $1
Mimi - ¢30
Edee - ¢2 and stickers
Salem - makeing herself look good
Lily Miriam Eden and Salem Love you
And fffffffffffffttttttttttt, just like that, all the pressure was released. We called the boys downstairs and opened the carton of chocolate chip cookie ice cream.

It was (sort of) fun learning how to take apart the washing machine. I needed a new pressure cooker anyway, if only because the gasket on mine smelt of burnt beans from over a month ago and because none of the recipes dealt with *my* kind of thrifted cooker. And the bathroom floor is now considerably cleaner than it has been in a very long time.

So I suppose all clouds do have a silver lining. Or at least a dingy gray.

Friday, February 20, 2015

"The Drop Box"

This is a movie I don't want to miss. It will only be in theaters March 3-5.

This article gives a little background.

I will cry all the way through it. But sometimes, tears are good.

(There is a video embedded in this post. Email subscribers may need to click over.)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

There and Back Again

Well, I suppose that when you get many months behind on something, and then you go to remedy that fact, the mere thought that you are many months behind on something may just be the impetus you need to stop and get a coffee and change your direction to something infinitely more pressing, say, that book you never finished reading, and then you find that you are even more months behind next you think of it; and also, A.A. Milne has you thinking like Owl talks.

Quick catch-up: People had birthdays.

So probably the best thing to do is to forget the "catching up" that just won't be done, and start where you are.


Where we are is in the midst of a stomach bug/pink eye/ear infection/sore throat session that seems to have hit every one of the children. Not all of the children have gone through all of the stages, but many have. I vacillate between being grateful that not all of the children had to go through all of the stages and being fearful that not all of the children have had to go through all of the stages ... yet.

Gideon (5), pink eye victim #1

Everyone's tired of tea, and tired of elderberry syrup, and tired of fire water, and tired of pain medicine and salt socks and tissues and bowls and eye ... gunk.

Zebulun (19 mos.) sporting a different kind of eyewear

Yesterday's snow was actually a welcome change. At least there was something different to see outside, and eight of them managed to bundle themselves up and get out in it.

(I know. But please...when it may be the only day they have to play in the snow as a 5-year old, or a 9-year old, or whatever, what's a few more days of being sick? So they said, and they may be right.)

Oh, wait. They did have another day of snow play, and here's proof.
Zebby, really wanting to be on the other side of this window.
If it's any indication how very tired they are of being sick, I had two children fighting tears over my having to cancel their dentist appointments this morning. So...when you'd rather go to the dentist...

It's just very tiring.

But there's tapioca soaking for some Boba Tea (which, yes, we shall most definitely call Frog Spawn Tea), and someday...someday...someday...well, this, too, shall pass.

Ada (2), doing her interpretive fitness-ball-chair dance. It's a sight.

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