Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today I discovered...

that my 4-yr. old is a very competent vacuumer. This, coupled with the 5-and 7-yr. old's current love of washing and drying dishes, means that I can be freed up to gather stray items (and toddlers) and direct the others in window washing and baseboard scrubbing.

And that means the downstairs can be put to shape in less than an hour!

I assumed the dictator role this morning after school and told my girls that they were to spend 15 minutes in the kitchen with me or there would be no crafts or game-playing for the rest of their lives. So we got the pound of bacon cooked, the applesauce started (such delicious smells!), the iced tea made, the flour ground, and the general straightening done. Things feel good in here, especially after the extra work that a weekend away somehow brings.

Not that you don't need to give me 5 minutes' notice before you drop by, please note.

I'll need to change from my owl pajamas, and a shower would be good. 

My current five-year old, when she was not yet two!!

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