Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Queen of Stall

Our resident 2-year old is the only person in this house with her very own room, and I'm not sure she fully appreciates that situation. In fact, I'm quite sure she doesn't.

Every night, without fail, she comes up with a million little things she really needs or something very important we forgot to do.

"I need a diffent baby doll."

"You dinn't switch the books in my bed."

"I haffa go potty."

"We dinn't pway."

"I dinn't sing 'Hot Cwoss Buns'" (which, I must admit, is one of my favorites because she does a mash-up with "Sing Hallelujah to the Lord" and sings, "Hot cwoss buns to da Yord").

"I dinn't have a special dwink."

Rosie (2) and River (4)

"Ben's in Fwoda! 
"I dinn't kiss Papa."
"I dinn't kiss Lily."
"I dinn't kiss Abey."
"I dinn't kiss Mimi."
"I dinn't kiss Edee."
"I dinn't kiss Jon-Jon."
"I dinn't kiss Dideon
"I dinn't kiss Sayum
"I dinn't kiss Ada."
"I dinn't kiss Zebby."
"I dinn't kiss Eve."
"I dinn't kiss Rivah

"You dinn't tell me what's foe bumfick [breakfast]."

It doesn't matter how many times we remind her that this is the last thing she may request, or how many issues we try to conquer beforehand (All kisses given? Check. Baby doll of the day? Check. New books in bed? Check), there is always one last thing.

Last night's was, "I need socks! My feet are FWOZEN."

River (4), Eve (5), and Rosie (2)

At prayer meeting last night, someone asked for prayer for a niece, stating, "Young mothers are just so tired."

I wanted to quip back, "You should see the old mothers!"

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