Sunday, September 26, 2010

Does Anyone Like "24"?

So we're waiting on some Netflix in the mail, and we've used up the Watch It Now series that we like...and we started watching "24." I know the show has a following, but...


I Can. Not. Stand. this show. It's such a snoozer! (Which, admittedly, means very little when I am the one saying that. I snooze through every show.) Bad acting, bad writing, the characters say each others' names every single time they are talking to them..."But David, you know that I am your wife. And David, I would never do something to hurt you. Don't you believe me, David?"

But since we've started it, my husband is committed to finishing this season. Please, tell me...does it get any better? Should I keep trying to stay awake or just give it up with a clear conscience?

And if it doesn't, do you have any suggestions?


  1. If you want something around the humor of The Office...and about as crude...and painful...try Arrested Development.

  2. Not a 24 fan at all. I recently have gotten hooked on The Closer. I've been getting them off Netflix. I think they have some episodes you can watch on TNT on the computer to see if it's something you'd like.

  3. We just finished a series that is written NOW about England during WW2. It is called Foyles' War - and it is about a policeman who WANTS to go to war, but who is such a good policeman (and no young pup) that they feel keeping him on the homefront is more beneficial. It is a cop show, but there was not a tremendous amount of violence or blood and guts (which I generally avoid). Watching the series in order was great... and Netflix has it. My husband and I tried watching 24, but honestly, it was a challenge. Foyle's War kept us on our toes and we enjoyed the mystery and learning about English things... cultures are so fascinating.


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