Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seconds, anyone?


Today was one of those days where half an hour after supper should have been finished, you stand dazed in front of the open refrigerator door waiting for a blast of cold air to inspire you with an outstanding, easy and quick gourmet dish that can be made with the half a ham that has been taking up the fridge for the last three weeks. Or maybe even four. And then after scouring the Internet for WAY TOO LONG you find out that there’s really nothing that can be done with the ham if you don’t have the stamina for rolling out crusts or if you don’t have potatoes. But you THINK you have potatoes and start boiling celery and carrots and then realize the only potatoes you have are sweet, and instead of pineapple juice you have orange, and so yes you are halfway through the recipe when you realize you are mentally (and cuisine-ally?) mixing two different recipes with your substitutions but life’s an adventure so what the heck!!!??!!!


Right, kids? Gagging is an adventure! Live it up, Abraham! (But keep it down.)


And as you scrape the remaining two-thirds of the dish into the garbage because (shocker) no one took seconds, you smile (or was that a grimace?) at the thought of all the money you’re saving.


You know. One of THOSE days.


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