Friday, April 2, 2010



We’re headed to Staunton tomorrow, where we’ll spend the night at the house of some Very Fun People and then attend brunch and worship at Staunton OPC.


That means all festivities have to happen today.


So far, we’ve dyed Easter eggs. Surprisingly, there were no tears, and the children (almost all of them) enjoyed a hard-boiled egg with lunch.






Aaaah, the signs of spring: deeply brown-eyed boys in yellow jumpers with running noses and blue lips from trying the dye water (didja enjoy that vinegar?):



And what is it about pink and orange that seem so RIGHT together today?



Trying the "fruits" of our labors:




And we'll just put that right here along with the rest of the lunch rejects:



And to the disgust of our father, we'll lick the rest of the mayonnaise off of our finger. 



We’ve got some baking to do (and I’m still trying to decide how big of a “we” this is going to be), and I’m muddling over the logistics of doing an egg hunt in the back yard. Oh, and what we’re going to have for supper.


And whether “cleaning out the van” counts as a festivity.


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  1. I love the pictures and diary of participation in the festivities! So colorfuI, I can just imagine how your busy day went with lots of laughter mixed in watching how the personalities of all the kids played out coloring, eating, hiding and hunting the eggs...and then the baking...

    Have a Blessed Easter in Staunton!


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