Friday, April 9, 2010

Breaking my arm patting my back

Yessirreebob, that's me. Homeschoolblogger Blogger of the Week.


I'm not sure whether to take this as a compliment or as a shot in the arm to err... um ... get  blogging. Because, you know, I consider it a major accomplishment to blog once a week, and very little of my content has to do with homeschooling (unless you consider HOME to be the class and ME to be the student). Kind of like the award you give to the kid you most need to impart a little effort. Or like the individualized letters my English professor handwrote for each of her students. Mine said, "You have a zest for life." My husband's said, "You're such a trooper." Hee, hee.


But I am smiling. Someone besides my dad (who, by the way, is YessirreeBob) read my blog!


And Benjamin (8) will be quite impressed. Would it be going overboard to laminate it and display it on the fridge?





  1. I read and enjoy every post! Congratulations with a well-deserved pat on the back - and a big hug!

  2. swordwieldingmaidenApril 12, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    Nice to meet you and read your blog! My nextdoor neighbor had six children under 6... you have even more craziness than her I suppose!

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures in your past posts; what adorable children! I'm the oldest of seven, though, as you can guess, we're a bit more spread apart in age! I'm actually almost seventeen years older than my youngest sibling! :)

    God bless!



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