Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crazy Busy





This coming week, really starting today, is going to be frantic.


We have to be out of our house by Friday. But really, we have to be out by Wednesday because the carpet cleaners (who must be hired per terms of the lease) are coming Thursday. So today, while Ethan drives to his preaching engagement in Staunton, my Good Friend Sue is coming to help me pack. And anyone who knows Sue knows that I've got a gold mine of a friend. Things will get packed.


I'm putting her to work in the kitchen while I attack closets. Kitchen, closets, and china cabinet are today's goals.


I know it's counterintuitive to START with the kitchen, but my personal experience has been that the kitchen takes the longest to pack. I think it's a mental thing. I've still got all my detailed boxes from moving in ("large plates, medium plates, honey crock, pottery crock with lid") that she can just refill. We'll survive on paper plates and disposable silverware (that we wash until we're ready to go, of course).


And if I can attack the china cabinet (which, really, is a 10-minute job) and closets, we'll have done a mighty work. Then tomorrow after church I can piddle around with the downstairs desk and items on the three downstairs bookshelves (it's very little).


Ethan stays in Staunton for the home inspection (!!! hurrah !!!) Monday, then comes home to pick up the U-Haul. We pack it like mad and then the prayer group ladies are joining in a cleaning frenzy on Wednesday.


Friday we rest (right?) and Saturday is Ethan's ordination exam on the floor of presbytery. And then we head for the rustic retreat center, where we will camp for a month or so until we close on the house.


Someone get me a double cappuccino, quick!



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  1. Seriously? I would need something much stiffer than cappuccino!


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