Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Tuesday we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. In order to get $2 off each ticket, I answered an online questionnaire about zookeeping. That thing was WAY too involved...I actually had to read the online zookeeping manual and ask Ethan multiple questions about the diet of a wombat and whether or not zookeepers play with their animals.

But after the questionnaire, wherein I learned enough to make me doubtful that this trip would be fun (because fun and educational ARE NOT THE SAME, says my 4th grade self), we headed past the Ladies' Open and up to the zoo.

I did retain one thing from the grueling quiz. Giraffes are a big deal at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

And that is true.

And here's what happens when you stand this close to a giraffe and turn your back on him. You get a giraffe hairdo (hairdon't?):

But there was more than just giraffes.

There was Suki, the Scary/Friendly/Dancing/Nurturing Bear, depending on what position you were in:

There were fish.

And many other animals, including a baby wombat they got to pet.

Then there was the Sky Ride to the top. Gideon and Salem and I chilled out by the grey wolf while the others rode to the top and back.

(Sorry this one is so blurry...)

The boys and Papa

The girls and Grandma
I was very impressed with the zoo layout and how accessible things were for even the youngest children.

We stopped at the slowest McD's in the world on the way home and got ready for the next day...Garden of the Gods.


  1. Eliasbeth keeps asking me when are we going to the zoo. I hesitate to show her your pictures. :) I love the cowlick? Giraffe-lick? It brings to mind a song we have here by Brett Holmes about a moose with a cowlick on his head and how did that cow sneak up on him and put a cowlick in his hair? Evidently giraffes are just as sneaky.

  2. You'd also think I could at least spell my daughter's name correctly too, wouldn't you?

  3. WOW!! I want to go to that zoo. Your kids must have had SOOOO much fun. Thanks for sharing!


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