Tuesday, July 20, 2010


  • Take shower (it is, after all, almost noon)
  • Direct Ben and Lily in fixing lunch
  • Get chicken started for tonight's curry (yum! a favorite!)
  • Make pound cake to enjoy with fresh blueberries tonight
  • Read to children; begin filling out reading logs for library
  • Help Ben wash boys' sheets
  • Dust house with Lily
  • Do reading lessons with Lily and Abraham and Miriam
  • Have Ben do math lesson
  • Schedule this week's errands: trip to Treasurer's office (property taxes for van and dog tag), solo trip to library (sans children), van inspected and oil changed, figure out when going to get riding mower from Fredericksburg 
  • Start list of things we want to do on house and items needed to do them
  • Write a letter to a friend
  • Take Redbox video back (and if have time, finish video as I ~alas~ could not stay awake for it last night)
  • 15-minute stints cleaning up "formal" HA! living room and van


  1. I'm impressed. My lists these days only serve to show how much I am slacking. :)

  2. Yeah, well, look at my list, Andrea...

    I mean, I put "finish a movie" on the list. And most of the other things either had to get done anyway (um, shower, eat, get sheets back on the boys' bed) or were to start other lists.

    I think it's more productive to do "backward" lists - lists what I've done AFTER I do it. Then I sit back and am totally impressed by what seemed like a wasted day. And usually I am also a little depressed: I gave HOW many spankings? And ran the dishwasher HOW many times??


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