Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting Stuff Done


I am slightly discouraged by our lack of progress. Even worse, we seem to be digressing.

Take Saturday, for example. A simple run to the bank ended up being THREE runs to the bank simply because we kept misplacing things ("Where's the checkbook? Where's the check?"). A dash to the Redbox to return a video ended up being a disgruntled purchase of bread at the Kroger instead because we couldn't find the video.

I can look nowhere and see clean. We did tackle the children's rooms; but, of course, they have already been untackled. Our bedroom is a dangerous obstacle course of clothes with no home, books with no shelves, and furniture pieces. The van is atrocious, even for us, although it does look a little better after my frantic scurryfunging trying to find the checkbook (which scurryfunging resulted in the check being tossed in a bag in the house and the video being thrown out).

We have too much to do today, Ethan's day off, and we're off to a late start. DMV and Treasurer's Office and Bank and Etc. I look around me at the mess and have no clue how to go forward. Children are fussing, dog is underfoot, and dishes are crustifying.

We're home.

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