Saturday, December 5, 2009

Proof to My Children


that we do, in fact, go on field trips.


And to be quite honest, you have been on some really extravagant ones . . . Montana, our friends shoeing their Clydesdales (and then logging with them), a rodeo, the Oregon Coast, Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, the Undersea Watergardens, and the Tillamook Cheese Factory, just to name a few.


And even here, since we've been back in Virginia, we have field-tripped.


This time, it was to the Virginia Discovery Museum in Charlottesville. It was free, due to our being ASTC members, but that does not lessen the . . . lessons.


Remember how much fun it was to listen to Elijah of Buxton on the audiobook on the way there? (A book to which we have not yet finished listening but are thoroughly enjoying. Oh, AND, {{I whisper}} it's EDUCATIONAL!!!) And then remember how much fun it was to listen to Papa and Mama trying to find a parking space? Good times.


But then the good times got even better.






Remember how Papa laughed until he cried when he made Mama stand sideways in front of the wavy mirror? Remember how this was mean and unacceptable behavior? Remember how Mama couldn't stop laughing when she was yelling at him, and remember how mad that makes her?










There was so much more . . . but I was too engrossed in trying to find the queen in the beehive, watching Miriam be the newscaster on the TV show, listening to Lily play the guitar, and trying to find comfortable seating that I neglected to take pictures of all of it. But trust me, it happened. So there you have it. We field tripped. We were trippin'.



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