Monday, December 14, 2009

Ick. Ick. Ick.

Today is just one of those days I would rather was over. And it's hardly even started.


Or maybe it started late last night, and that's why I'm ready for it to be over.




We got back late last night from a four-day expedition to a church where Ethan is candidating. On the way home, I said, "I think everyone's coming down with something. Miriam told me her 'mouth hurts really far deep,' I've been wiping everyone's noses, my throat is scratchy, and I could hear yours was too when you were preaching tonight." The children were already in their pajamas, so we got their pillows out of the car and got them situated in their beds and started the laundry going. Ethan found something online to watch to help unwind from a weekend of meeting and greeting and preaching, and we watched that and then stumbled to bed.


And then it all started. Jonathan started crying so Ethan went to check him out. Turns out he had thrown up all over his playpen. So I plopped him in the tub, Ethan stripped the playpen, and we got him some medicine. We stuck him back in bed. Thirty minutes later he was crying again. I went and got him and he had thrown up again. I stripped the playpen and his shirt, cleaned him up, rocked him for a while, got him back in bed.


Then it was Miriam (4). Not throwing up, just sneezing. Constantly - as in every two seconds. So I got her up, got her some medicine, a box of tissues and a trashcan, propped her pillow up, and tucked her back in.


Then Eden (2). She was coughing hoarsely and crying, so she got warm tea with wild raw honey.


Then Lily (6). She, too, was coughing and her throat was sore, so she was medicined up and tucked back in.


Then I finally went back to bed (3 AM). Eden started crying again. I asked Ethan, "Can you get her?" and I doubt he even really heard me because he said, "No." So I got up and got her situated and then switched the laundry over (again) and then decided to sleep on the couch. Honestly, it was much more comfortable. I'm 31 weeks pregnant with twins, and the couch supports my back better than the bed does, especially if I'm trying not to accidentally kick a husband as I situate. Yesterday was a bad day for being pregnant with twins. I ended up standing with Jonathan during the entire church service because he refused to be quiet if I sat. My legs are so swollen I honestly cannot feel my feet. I was hoping for a good night of rest for the swelling to go down, but that has not happened.


And then it was time to get up again and get Jonathan, who woke early. His brothers got up shortly thereafter (thank the Lord they required nothing from me last night!), and the four of us have been puttering around. At least Jon is helping me out a little bit by turning grey and saying, "Oweee Oweee Oweee" right before he spews, which gives me enough time to grab the bowl (although I only had enough time to run him to the kitchen about an hour ago - but cleaning up vinyl is better than carpet!).


We have friends who are in Virginia for the week, and we very badly want to see them. But I know today is not the day.


And I'm ready for "today" to be over.


Trying to focus on sunnier days:












Perhaps a good nap will be forthcoming.


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  1. I'll be praying for all of you today!


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