Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nothin' Much

Just a few pics to share.


This one cracks me up because Ethan took it and came to show me "Frosty," which he had just put together for the kids to look at through the window (because their snow boots are . . . somewhere? in the shed?).



The reason it cracks me up is that when I saw Frosty in the flesh ... er, snow ... he stood maybe, at his tallest, at 2 feet. Of course, now that it's a few days later, he stands much shorter and is tinted yellow as Maverick views him as a snow fire hydrant of sorts.


He also took a picture of a drift that he did not help make:



And BEFORE we had any tinted snow, we did enjoy some Snice Cream. Yum.





And just in case I can't remember which two fingers Jonathan constantly has in his mouth:




And we don't have cable. But we do have Internet (sort of). And there's nothing like the old Inspector Gadget show to bring a family together:



Thank you, Maverick, for tearing yourself away from the screen to look at the camera.


So that's us, the week up to Christmas. We are one happenin' bunch.



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