Friday, April 12, 2013

Night Notes

Our four boys share a room with two bunk beds. Benjamin (11) and Abraham (7) have the top bunks, and Jonathan (4) and Gideon (3) have the bottom bunks.

Bottom bunkers go to bed at 7:00 (in theory). Top bunkers go to bed at 8:00. Typically, none of the bottom bunkers are asleep by the time the top bunkers get there, and we have strict "no talking" rules to cut down on the ensuing mayhem. The top bunkers have reading lights and may read for a bit.

Or, as I discovered during our Bedroom Clean, they may write and throw paper airplane notes for a bit.


This does bring to my attention that perhaps we need to stress pronunciation with the 7-yr. old. His brother's name, for instance, is "Ben," not "Ban." And we usually "tell" someone something, not "tall" them something. And the opposite of "no" is "yes," not "yas." Although, if you're a Southerner...


Abe: "Ben, I'm going to tell if we can watch a movie."
Ben: "Tomorrow?"
Abe: "Yes, tomorrow. Hope you sleep well."
Ben: "I hope we have cereal for breakfast."

((next airplane))

Abe: "I hope we have sandwich for supper."
Ben: "I hope we have dessert maybe candy or ice cream."
Abe: "Let's stop talking about food, OK?"
Ben: "What do you want to talk about?"

And from there I found no more airplanes. By my count, that's at least eight successful throws across the room that needed to happen to continue the conversation.

I know their aim is not that good.

Which explains the multiple thumpings we hear each night...boys retrieving message planes.

And I can't decide if we should rewrite our Night Rules or quietly collect the planes for menu planning...


  1. I'm rolling in my chair, trying to not laugh so hard that I wake up my sleeping-in hubby. That is hysterical. They're long as they get enough sleep, I wouldn't discourage that. It's genius, actually, and yes--collect them for menu-planning. They'll think you're the most brilliant mom ever. :)

  2. Hahaha! Oh my, very creative of them! When my kids do something like that I generally have to leave the room to get my laughing under control so I can properly discipline them. Otherwise it kind of lessons the effect ;)

  3. This is great! Loved it! Smart fellows. Writing isn't talking afterall. LOL!

  4. Look at it as practice in writing and communication skills and call it homeschool. :)

  5. What does it say about spelling at my house that I had no problem at all reading the notes?

    But what I really want to know: did they get what they wanted for meals?

    and... in your honor... I am actually considering sometime giving Vernor's another chance. I doubt it will get past the consideration stage, but, it IS progress.


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