Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life as I know it...

It's that Magical Hour...the hour when the Littles are in bed, exhausted from today's deliberate lack of a nap, the Olders have finished their work and are being rewarded with an episode of "The Munsters," and Ethan is leading a prayer meeting at the church and is not here to be a sounding board for my Daily Register of Complaints.

What things look like at this Magical Hour

It has honestly been a good day, helped immensely by the constant dose of sunlight and flowers almost in bloom, holding the promise that Spring is indeed on her way. We managed to spend time outside, away from the house; and then we ventured farther away on a trip for Frosties (thanks to this excellent blog post) to reward everyone for finding 100 items to drop off at the Goodwill (or "Goodwheel," as the 3-yr. old set around here says it). They've already started a second box of items. Miriam (7) is the official counter, and long-neglected toys and shirts and coffee mugs have vacated prime real estate locations. And, you know, decluttering ALWAYS makes me happy.

And then there's school. For years, as long as we've homeschooled (what is that? something like 7 years? are you kidding me???), I've always piece-mealed our curriculum, choosing the cream of the crop for each subject and snubbing my nose at the rest. Only...somewhere along the line, babies started coming and meals started dragging and laundry started piling and my stress level started mounting. Everything was fast, and I was furious. And then, in a glorious stroke of mercy, my husband agreed that perhaps it was time to give myself a break and pick something that would help and reduce the planning for me.

So we picked, and it came, and I LOVE it. We've only been at it a week, but I feel it's a considerable blessing to be able to say that our first days in have been a breeze. There has been no Overwhelming Overload, no Buyer's Remorse, no Disenchantment, no Stress. There have only been Excitement, and Anticipation, and Eagerly Awaiting the Next Lesson, and Productive Learning. It honestly matches our previous style (Charlotte-ish Mason-ish), only it accomplishes it so much better than I was.

Big. Sigh. Of. Relief.

I don't even care that it's not in focus. I love this Baby, and I love this Man.
And I know what they both look like!
And then there's the food. I was following an excellent menu plan...elaborate and delicious and impressive. Only then I wasn't, because I'm old and pregnant and tire easily, and Ethan pointed out that perhaps simple would be better. Two nights in a row of pasta that the kids gobbled up, sans gagging, would seem to prove him right. So we're going back to simple, only maybe some more fruits and veggies thrown in because we love them so.

And that's been life this week. There have also been sickness and kids in our bed and next to our bed and nights that are far too long and sleep that's far too short and mornings that come much too quickly.

But I think that's all really just part of life, and a boring part at that.

So as Ethan is due back any time now, I'm off to make some vanilla caramel tea, catch up on the latest episode that I slept through, and then settle in next to my Man for the next episode for which I will try desperately to stay awake.

At least through the opener...


  1. So...???? What's the curriculum? You've got me so curious! :)

    1. Well, you know how to keep a turkey in suspense, right?

      I'll tell you later.


      (Did you get it?)'s My Father's World. I'm happy.


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