Thursday, May 19, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: May 19

Our friend Jim took this a few weeks ago at $0.31 Scoop Night at Baskin Robbins (which, as it turns out, is almost a mandatory church event).

He took it with his iphone and called it "News Update" (he's funny like that - just ask his wife).

I think Ethan might be on to something with his makeshift high chairs: just throw the top (free) newspaper away, and it's all clean!

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  1. Haha - that's great! What cutie pies.

  2. I LOVE this! They are the best news I have seen today!

  3. Now that made me laugh out loud! How adorable!

  4. Aha!! I came, I google chromed, I conquered the comments box!! Now I can say things like..."those are the cutest little twins I've seen since Abraham and Miriam. :)


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