Sunday, May 15, 2011

Benjamin, Tonight

Convalescing with a newly thrifted Beverly Cleary, an orange popsicle,
and the chaser: homemade eggnog (Grandma E's recipe)

The children and I stayed home from evening worship after Benjamin kept heading downhill this afternoon. First his throat hurt, then he was achy, then he didn't want to move his head.

Now (9:30 PM), he's on the sitting room couch, enjoying the rare privilege of an entire couch to himself without others jostling and clamoring for his treats.

Only I'm not sure how much he's actually enjoying it. His throat hurts, and so does everything else.

Even so, he managed to garble out, "But I don't want to be pitiful. I want to be helpful."

I don't want him pitiful, either! But I do believe he's in for a little pampering.

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