Monday, April 11, 2011

Things I Love (cont.)

Kids at play.

Kids on bikes
       on hills.

Grubby-handed gifters.

Reluctant models.


And more babies.

Also yellow, flowered shoes, and baby boy knees {{SQUEEZE!}}.


  1. Yay!! Adorable babies and chicks!! it looks so springy there. Sigh. It's still muddy here, and barely hitting 50's. What kind of chickens did you end up with, and how many? Waiting to see photos of the coop too! Hope you all have fun with them. (And I think I recognize Eden's dress! Love it!)

  2. Kendra...

    Yup. The dress was Moriah's. you recognize Gideon's shorts? Those were Gus's (with the red gecko shirt, remember?).

    Chicks - well, we had decided on Barred Plymouth Rock, Australorp, Minorca, and Americauna. And then we found out we were too late to the game and all the hatcheries were done. So off to the feed store we went, where they had Golden Comet and mixed black breeds.

    I know, I know. We got hybrids.

    But it's OK. They're still cute and hopefully will lay and we can get our pick of the litter (flock?) next time.

    And I LOVE your choices!


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