Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December 2010 Recap

So, um, yeah. This is where I am. Not optimistically making resolutions or looking forward to this year's blessings, but frantically scrambling behind me panicking, "Where did 2010 go? What? WAIT!!!"

Of course, when I consider the fact that 2010 brought another set of twins, two moves, and a new church, it does seem like it was a rather full year.

But anyway. My laptop was fixed and then unfixed itself, so I am back to taking Ethan's laptop hostage when I can (like now, when he's taking Ben and Lily to their art class - taught by a real artist who volunteered to teach them! You should see the sketches and ~gulp~ watercolors they've brought home!).

So yes, the carnage that was Christmas is over. And also yes, "LilyMiriamEdenAbey" is a very efficient name.

The season was extremely full with caroling, getting together with friends, getting together with family, church functions, and snow. Snow on Christmas even! Do you know there are maybe ... um ... TWO Christmases I remember growing up when we had snow on Christmas? (And one of those was at my uncle's in New York, so I don't think that counts.)

The cardinal in our "bird" tree

But as Ethan and I sat bleary-eyed, looking at the mess that surrounded us Christmas Day, it was a good sit. We were in our home, our place in the county. This was our mess, differentiated from the usual by colorful bits of ribbons and wrapping.

It was a good year.


  1. I love the video. Sharing at that age is so tough.

  2. My favorite.. that the photo of the 2 babies include the 6 pack of London Porter in the background... *smile*... *chuckle*.. Happy New Year!


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