Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Picking the right diaper

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If you use cloth diapers, you'll just want to skip this tip.

This is not a post about cloth vs. disposable, Pampers vs. Thirsties. I've tried almost every brand, disposable and cloth, and it came down to this: Ethan hates cloth, and I can't blame him. They do stink (yes, they do), and we both dislike the inevitable gigantic bubble a cloth-swaddled bottom is. We usually have three kids at a time in diapers (two sets of twins ensures that), and I don't have time for the extra laundry. Besides, when my mom babysat our first twins in cloth, she showed up the next day with two huge boxes of disposable diapers.

If you use and love cloth, that's fine by me. Even I have my secret stash of cloth to ooh and aaah over and perhaps someday reuse so Ethan can remind me why I love my Luvs. (That's just for the homonym -- MY personal favorites are Target's "Up and Up.")

Huh. I said it wasn't a post about cloth vs. disposable. I'm glad I said that, 'cuz I could have fooled me.

Moving right along...

This is for when you have multiple children in multiple sizes of diapers. Not all brands have different designs for the different sizes. So when you shout for a child to hand you a diaper from the diaper basket, you usually get handed the wrong size. Which means the diapered kid ends up whining two octaves higher or having the diaper wrapped around him twice before it's fastened.

Enter this tip. (I know, I know...such build-up...)


(Ignore the vagrant shoe in the middle right of the pic. I said IGNORE it!)

You looked for the shoe, didn't you? You're getting distracted!
Now all I have to say is, "Hand me a diaper without a dot!" or "Hand me a diaper with a dot!"

I know. This tip has an extremely limited audience. I would say, "Cheer up! We're changing the world, one diaper at a time!" but a google search revealed that's pretty cliche.

Oh, well. It makes me feel like a problem-solver when I pull out my sharpie and rip open the diaper pack. And when I pull out my sharpie, rip open the diaper pack, and take a picture simultaneously, well.

It works for me!


  1. I had to get my face very close to the screen before I could make out that shoe...

  2. Shoe? What shoe? What really caught my attention was the phone. It's a cheater though, it has buttons and you can't really dial a number on it. And I do think your idea is a great one. The simple ones always are.

  3. Rebecca,

    You were directly disobeying!

    And Mary, yes, it is a "cheater" in the sense that it's not a rotary. But you push the buttons and it does dial! Not bad for a $5 thrift store find!

  4. Personally, I was admiring your vase of flowers and how lovely it all looked near the window with the light coming in. I'm weird that way.


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