Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Little Cultivation

I'm convinced it was more than happenstance that my first gardening venture, in which my mother told me to pull out all the clover, ended with Mom stuttering through a shocked, "Don't you know what clover is?" when I proudly handed her my armful of what turned out to be irises.

My thumb is green. My plants? Not so much.

But two Master Gardeners visited this week, and the garden is hopeful.

I snuck this picture of my mother-in-law moving the large...erm...bushicus pricklipus from the middle of the garden to the more visually pleasing corner:

And then Karen came by Thursday, said, "Oh, she moved the ____________________ [insert real name, which escapes my mind because I do not remember first and last names unless I'm yelling them daily]! Oh, wonderful! Oh, I just want to come garden Saturday!"

So she did. She called it therapy. Or she did, until the six older children joined her. Then she stopped calling it that.

Ethan and I still need to edge and mulch it, but the garden is full. Bedded down for winter are irises, lilies, acuba, daffodils, tulips, phlox, columbine, and a baby maple that's staying warm until we decide where to put it. And those bushicus pricklipus.

Or is it pricklipi?


  1. Two master garderners? What a wonderful gift! I've been wanting my sister's help with around my house ever since we moved to Virginia and still haven't done anything with our flower beds.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I can't type. Hence the deleted post.

    The best is when the kids help you weed and prune and then run out of weeds and start in on your good plants. Ask me how I know.

  4. Why, Andrea, how do you know?


    And Mary, if I had 1/4th your vegetable gardening and preserving sense, I'd be pleased as a pickle! I still think of you every time I have pears...or salsa...yum.

  5. My daughters were helping out with some raking at the house we are renting.. I was thoroughly occupied when I heard "Evelyn is getting all the weeds out of the front lawn".... I didn't pause and consider what that meant for about 20 minutes, at which point I realized the front lawn IS WEEDS... then I raced around the house to find a bald patch in the front "lawn"... thankfully the landlady said nothing about it... I guess she realized that that "grass" really wasn't that important after all...


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