Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well, when you put it like that ...



... it kinda does look like a mess of kids.


You three on the end, fingers out. OK, Miriam-Little-Miss-Let's-Be-Precise, fingers and THUMBS out.


And Salem, uncross your eyes, please.


And Gideon, you do. not. have. to. cry. every moment you are awake and not nursing!!! (Do you?)


And let me just say that having my mother-in-law here for the week was wonderful. Except for the part where we all would go out and EVERYONE mistook her for my children's mother. I felt like the dowdy nanny whose sole job it was to keep the 20-month-old entertained by giving him reasons to say, "No. [S]Top that. [S]Top talkin' to me."


Can you believe that woman on the end is their grandmother? I married into a family with great genes.


I will try to be more regular about posting ... let's just chalk this lack of writing up to the fact that our lease runs out April 30 and our house is being shown "anytime between the reasonable hours of 9 to 7, with the kind 'heads up' of MAYBE fifteen minutes." Fifteen minutes? It takes me four times that long to find all the kids' shoes and get the dog in the van!


If THAT doesn't stress you out, well. Good for you.


Oh, and the babies turned five weeks last week. Turns out five weeks doesn't look a whole lot different than four weeks.






  1. Gideon's quite the fusser, isn't he...


  2. Yes, he does like to cry. But only when he's not nursing or sleeping. Fortunately, those two activities occupy most of his day. In his mind, there are only two activities in the world: Nursing and Should Be Nursing.


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