Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Four Weeks (or a Month)

You know, usually the whole, "How old is your baby?" thing throws me when the answer is Four Weeks. Because I feel stupid saying "Four weeks," when I could just say, "A month." But the problem is that four weeks does not equal a month, not in the sense of "They were born on the 2nd, and this is the 2nd of the next month." That's usually four weeks and a few days.


Except this time. Because they were born in the 28-day (conveniently, the same as four weeks) month of February, yesterday was the babies' Four Week day and their One Month day.


Aaahhh. One of life's little annoyances avoided.


There are some other annoyances that have not been so neatly thwarted. The sound effects of the last month, for example.








Of course, there have been some more endearing moments. And this is why we decided to keep them.








  1. i see jonjon did finally get to 'hold it'...

  2. Glad you decided to keep them :) They sure are sweet!

  3. these pictures make me smile.


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