Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where We Were Today


Because really, how can you be 30 miles away and NOT stop to see it?


We did debate going, wondering if it would be worth it for the youngers. But everyone was excited by the Faces in the Rocks ("Isn't that one guy on the dollar bill?") and the gift shop. Abraham (4) surprised both Ethan and me when he spotted the faces from the van, said, "I gotta find that book!" and then whipped out a tourist brochure from last night's hotel. He quickly turned to a picture of Mount Rushmore in an ad and said, "I knew I saw that before!"


Then back into the van. We made the necessary Wall Drug stop (what's not to love about South Dakota?) and then drove drove drove. Tonight we are packed into a Days Inn room (6 kids, 2 cats, and a dog and if you open your eyes any wider your eyeballs just might fall out, Miss Desk Clerk Nazi), still in South Dakota but closer to Iowa than we were this morning.


AND we passed into Central Time Zone. I say we made progress!



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