Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ocean Breezes

The Oregon Coast needs no introduction.






Strong sunshine and stronger breezes roughhouse on the shore. We join in the fun, unsure of the rules but engaging wholeheartedly nonetheless.










We play until the wind wins, and our toes curl their surrender.



Fresh seafood and fresh clothing refresh. And so does the evening's excursion.





Is it any wonder that Jesus often withdrew to the sea?





  1. Thank you for sharing ~ the pics are beautiful!


  2. hey Rachel.. SOOO glad we will see you soon!

    i will [never again] make the mistake of thinking i can visit you whenever my life allows a moment of available time!

    so, WHAT CAN I DO NOW and what can i do as soon as you arrive?

    please think of something, even if the girls come to visit and design dresses, then the older boys come to decide about christmas presents to make.... some ice cream might occur durring such times of deep thought.

    please write or call

    we have new numbers: land = 540 310 4051

    my cell 450 604 4520

    hugs!! BTW, what size are you and probably will be through delivery? do not be bashful, this is a huge blessing [yes i get the pun !!] i have fabric with your name on it. PLEASE cooperate !!! and send to my email ~~~~ mhhoskins ~~~~ the remainder of addy is below

    love you,



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