Monday, September 7, 2009


Probably the most derogative term we use around here is "pickle," as in "You're being a real pickle." (Actually, come to think of it, the most most most derogative term is probably "semi-Pelagian," but this is a G-rated blog.)  It started long before the children were born, before Ethan and I were even married. In fact, I grew up being called a pickle when I was ornery (that's when I wasn't being called a cactus for resisting parental hugs/kisses).


Ethan and I just naturally started calling each other pickles when we were in mild disagreement, or slightly irritated, or even on all-out opposite sides of an issue (like which side should face out when you hang a new toilet paper roll -- we CANNOT agree on this. But I am right.).


But Sunday brought a new twist to the name-calling. We noticed the outside light to Ethan's study (off the garage) was on. Ethan asked, "All right, who was peeking in my study?"


Miriam (4) answered, "Probably Abraham, because his shirt was all wet the other day."


It took me a second before I realized what she was talking about, and then it hit me. "No, Papa said, 'Who was PEEKING in my study?' not 'Who was PEEING in my study?' " (Just a note: Abraham was not peeing in Ethan's study, either. Remember, this is his twin taking advantage of a chance for him to get in trouble.)


"OHHHHH," she said.



But Miriam hates to be wrong, and she fumed for a while before she came up with the just-right slight for me, the one who had corrected her.


"Mama! You're such a pickle! You're just a ... just a ... just a SIN pickle! You're a BLOOD pickle!"


I don't know what to do about this. She has raised the insulting to another level by creating a whole new category.


The Lord's Day Insult.






  1. We say "pickle" when we're getting our pictures taken. As in, "Say, 'pickle!'" Sometimes I call Ben an 'old boob'. The kids we call, "Mr. Grumpy Pants" "Miss Stinker pants", etc. you get the idea. Can't say I've never said worse, but pickle's a nice new one, maybe it'll make us automatically smile as if for a picture.

  2. It is funny how each family kind of develops its own "language." It'll be interesting to see how this language morphs as the kids get older and are able to make their contributions (although, with Miriam, I don't know...what's the right response to a Sunday Insult like that -- "Holy Pickles, Batman"??!!?"). Pretty soon, I predict, you'll hear your son calling you "Mrs. Grumpy Pants" or the like when you take a little too long getting out of bed...or whatever...

  3. I'm sitting here still chuckling. I've noticed over the years, that parents call their chilldren words that begin with P like peanut, pumpkin, and peachy, but those are all terms of endearment. Now I'll have to start another P list.

    And by the way, if you're ever in question about TP, buy a printed roll of paper towel, hang it so that the design is right-side up and then hang the TP the same way.

    Have a great day. Mary

  4. I've got two more for the "not-necessarily-positive P" category for you: Prissy and Petulant. These were my parents' names for Hannah and me. I'll let you guess who was who!

    And YES, the toilet paper thing: hang it so the "free" sheet is lying on the TOP of the roll coming towards you, not UNDER the roll, right? Exactly!!


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