Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Not in a Very Good Mood Today


Last night, at 9 PM, my husband received a phone call from a Realtor asking if she could show the house at 2 this afternoon. My husband is nice, so he moved the time to 2:30 and said that would be fine.


She is lucky she did not speak to me. Next time, my husband assures me, she will.


Because I am 4 months pregnant with twins. Translation: I look like normal pregnant people look when they're 8 mos. pregnant (except nowhere near as cute) but I feel even worse (because not only are there 2 normal-sized babies in there, there are two placentas, extra amniotic fluid, and all the fat from six previous children) and I am done with the morning sickness so my energy (which is extremely limited) and hormones go elsewhere. They DO NOT go into mega-cleaning the house. They DO go into trying to get the bare minimum of homeschooling done with my children, three meals (if we're lucky) prepared and set on the table, and enough clean laundry that we are all wearing our own underwear.


And if there's ANY energy or ANY hormones left? That goes into telling the Realtor (who's not even the seller's agent) that we have it in writing that we get 24 hours' notice. So if you call my husband's cell phone (and HOW DID YOU GET THAT NUMBER???) at 9 PM, I will say, "I'm sorry, but the earliest you could come is 9 PM tomorrow, and that is too late for us, so we'll have to schedule for the next day." And if you have a problem with that, that's OK. We'll make sure that right before you come, we feed the baby beans, the cats any available houseplants, and we'll leave the dog.


Grrr. I even put a pitcher of apples on the counter and a bowl of lemons on the table.


Life's giving me lemons. Make your own lemonade.


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