Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Thaw

I have learned that this word, Thaw, serves as an adequate synonym for that most evasive of words here, Spring.


This is what Spring looks like on the boots:



And under the nose:




And, just because Ethan's mother has a picture almost identical to this, except the boy is wearing a hat and darker hair is peeking out from under its rim (but the boot-and-nose-dirt is present):



(And, just as a side note, the glass door behind that child is filthy! Doesn't he have a MOTHER?)


But, most advantageously for us, three above-60-degree days in a row spurred us on to Missoula, where we dabbled in the water






and made a boat



and set it to sail down the river



and threw sticks, small



and large



and just generally watched the happy goings-on





and relaxed. Oh, and discovered the wonders of chewing gum:



Even the drive home was a treat for the eyes:



Goodnight, Missoula. And goodnight, moon.





  1. In Maine, we just call it the mud season!!

  2. So true. And "mud" is just one of those words that so accurately depicts its definition, dontcha think?

    I mean who came up with that word . . . MUD. MUD MUD MUD. It just gets dirtier the more you say it!


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