Monday, September 1, 2008

Photo Op: Maine

Many thanks to my friend Kendra, who played the role of friend/chef/mentor/pianist/hostess/photographer extraordinaire while we visited her family in Maine. Bear in mind, my family is allergic to the word "photogenic"; so the fact that I am willing to post these bears testimony to her pictorial prowess.
   Benjamin, enjoying the day:

Lily, about two seconds after saying, "I AM being careful. I WON'T fall." (Please notice the knee):
Abraham, awaiting his turn on the kayak:
Miriam. Notice the bangs she gave herself. I must admit, I am secretly impressed.
Eden, demonstrating our aversion to cameras:
Me with Jonathan:
Jon and Mama  
Me, Jonathan, Eden, and Ethan enjoying a paddle:
Paddling About  
What happy, happy memories I have!
Thank you, Rick and Kendra and crew! We love you!

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