Monday, June 2, 2008

Moving Right Along...

Well, things have been busy around here. I guess it hasn't been any busier than normal, but this time the busy-ness has a purpose. On Thursday, a representative of our landlord (a developing company) informed us that we have thirty days to move. They are going to turn the surrounding fields into ballfields and parks, and our house will be used as a clubhouse of sorts (you mean officially?). The representative was apologetic and obviously uncomfortable having to tell us, which is to her credit. I mean, really, who can watch five young children playing in the front yard with their mother standing on the porch, 9-month pregnant belly extended past all reason, and NOT at least feign regret at saying, "Hope you can find another place"?


But we are actually very calm about it. We ended up reassuring her that it is the Lord's timing and we were anticipating a move this summer anyway (not with a two-week old, but whatever...). It has been God's wonderful provision that has allowed us to stay in this wonderful house, up on this hill with fields in every direction, neighbors far enough away to never hear our shouting (always gleeful, of course), with a month-to-month lease and ridiculously low rent.


He has provided, and He will continue to provide.


And so we continue to toss and pack, and I am loving the tossing part (Ethan can tell you I am no great packer). It feels so good to finally be getting rid of things that I don't know why we ever had in the first place.


And the adventure continues...


"But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ..." Phil. 3:20 (ESV)





  1. It sounds like you are taking things in stride. I'm not so good at doing that. I would be stressing out. I am praying for God to help with the stress issue, though. Do you have any idea where you're gonna move?

  2. I think it greatly helps the stress factor to have absolutely no choice in the matter! I mean, I'm huge, I'm swollen, I'm tired, I have kids running all over the place that need to eat, be read to, read to me, etc., packing to do, la tee da tee da and we just don't have time to worry about it all. I can't fit that in anywhere! And I'm too exhausted to!

    We anticipate this move being local...since we will eventually be moving to whatever church calls Ethan, it will be easiest to stick stuff in storage here and live close by (and we do have a camper, if we must) until we know where a more permanent home will be.

    I normally stress, too. But I save my huge stressing for the small stuff..."The clothes aren't folded! The kitty litter needs to be changed! I can't find that skirt!" This way I can stress every day. However, I haven't even found a way to fit that stress in lately. So much to do...

  3. WOW...just what a 9-month pregnant woman needs :) You are such an amazing example for how to trust God in every circumstance. I will be praying for you guys. When is baby #6 officially supposed to make it's debut? I assume within the 30 day period?

  4. Well, the "official" (whatever that means) due date is June 16, but I'm praying for sooner rather than later. My track record for due dates is 1) 12 days early, 2) 1 week late, 3) and 4) 7 weeks early, and 5) 3 days late.

    So who knows???

  5. Although I have moved countless times, I have only done it once while pregnant (and only about 10 weeks). I know you have your work cut out for you, so I will be praying for you! I'm so glad your power is back--I'm still hot even with the AC. The baby is like a heater you carry around with you!


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