Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Charlotte Mason, Anyone?

I was reading Home Education by Charlotte Mason and decided we needed to do more "nature walks," especially now that it's starting to get nicer out. So I took the kids for a walk the other day (picture this: 5- and 3-yr. olds walking, twins in double stroller, baby in sling).

This is what we learned:

  1. Trees have buds on them. Which has nothing to do with some birds being called budzzards.
  2. The tracks we were following were those of a tracktor. Now I know why they're called that.
  3. Pine trees are part of the forevergreen family.
  4. Mommy thinks we have a lot of fox or cat poop on the farm road. Lily thinks it is duck poop. Mommy remembers that it is goose poop. Lily knows poop better than Mommy. (And, once again, a discussion on how Ludwig Bemelman's Madeline says "poo, poo," which does not mean "poop," but try explaining that to a 3-year old.)
  5. When Mommy says, "Those are not good walking shoes" about black shiny clappy church shoes, she is right.
  6. Next time, Mommy should say, "Take those off and put on your sneakers."
See what a productive time we had? Charlotte Mason would be proud! Ahem . . .

1 comment:

  1. What a blast to be able to learn so much from a walk with your five. Kids are great.



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