Friday, September 24, 2010

Church with Littles

Well. Amy said it best. (And she usually does!)

Read it. Laugh if you get it, try to sympathize (and give thanks!)  if you don't.

Eight of these devilish smiles in the pew next to me...
But at the very least, rub the shoulders of any "single" (for the sermon at least) mom at church, tell her you love her beautiful family, offer to have some of her children sit with you (and then don't hold their weird just-'cuz-you're-a-homeschooler-doesn't-mean-you-use-your-bulletin-for-a-tissue behavior against her) and maybe even stock the end of her pew with rags and a trash bag.

I guarantee she'll need it, for one reason or another, every sermon.

And if she doesn't, I sure do!

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