Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Unofficial End of Summer

The weekend found us at Machen Retreat, a place we hold special as it was our second home for 50 days. This time it was not home, though. It was vacation, a true retreat as we fellowshipped with others at Family Camp (I'm sorry; I just can't call it by the newly titled "Labor Day Conference").

This week found my washing machine full of what must have been half of Highland County. It also found my children sniffling and aching.

I had planned to spend the day as my friend Mary is, focusing on read-alouds and getting children better. Then I found the scratch in my throat becoming more "owie" than "itchy."

But two fortuitous things happened today.

First, Ethan has a meeting out of town for which he was picked up this morning. Usually this would be a further burden, but today it means I have the van. And that means I can go get more trash bags, as we are out (again!!).

Second, Ethan left his laptop. This means that I can take full advantage of Netflix's "Watch It Now" with the kids. Did you know there was a Wallace and Gromit called, "A Matter of Loaf and Death"? It's just long enough for you to get the kitchen cleared and lunch readied.

And Gideon (7 mos.) away from the dog food.

We are doing our best: medicating the aches and freshening the pillowcases. The doorknobs and light switches have been disinfected (really!) and I think we just might pick up some new teas with the trash bags. And an additional bonus is that I have good reason to make the best chicken soup ever for supper!

Forlorn ones modeling our anti-virus arsenal: tissues, wipes, garlic, tea, Sambucol, ibuprofen, acetaminophen.
And fresh air!

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