Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Proper Way of Eating

People who don't like chocolate display, in my opinion, insufferably poor upbringing.

The household in which I grew up had a saying: "It's not dessert if it's not chocolate."

My husband has a comparable saying: "It's not breakfast if it's not chocolate." (Really!)

Consequently, many mornings find our breakfast table bearing a chocolate something-or-other: pancake, or scone, or muffin, or shortbread, or gingerbread, or baked oatmeal. And always a mocha for Ethan.

I think it's telling how a parent serves their infant breakfast. Ethan picks apart his muffin, eating the chocolate chips and giving the babies the messless batter. I fish through my muffin, finding the gooey chips for the babies.

These seemingly inconsistent modes of breakfasting help to ensure two things: the children will be clean, and they will like chocolate!


  1. Nice! We definitely enjoyed your baked oatmeal! Sharable Recipe??

  2. Kathy,

    I always share recipes! I just emailed it to you.


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