Monday, May 25, 2020


This past Saturday, May 23, 2020, we had our first high school graduate. 

Benjamin (18), sporting his graduation shirt
The news abounds with reports of high school seniors who are suffering due to graduation plans being chucked this year. 

In this house, we have seen nothing of that senior. This senior could not be more thrilled with the lack of pomp and circumstance. This was exactly the kind of graduation party he would have ordered, were I the kind of mother who would have taken his order. Like father, like son, that one is.

Even when I asked him what he would like for a celebratory dinner, he answered, "Meh, whatever's fine. We had a really good meal last Sunday. That's enough."

I cannot imagine an easier student for a harried, distracted, perpetually exhausted teacher with a million loads of laundry to load holler after someone to load and a million meals to fix and half a million non-school-related books calling her name.

He has been so easy. He enjoys learning and does so quickly and independently, reads much faster and comprehends far more than I, and has the dignity and respect to never mention these things.

But I know them. And very, very frequently, I thank God for them.

When I told him he *had* to let me take his picture on his official Graduation Day, he humored me but only under duress.

Then the Little Girls came outside, fresh from their Saturday evening baths, and suddenly the sparkle came back into his eyes.

Ben in his more natural stance: arms full

This summer, he heads to Florida to attend Reformation Bible College. He has already met his apartment-mates online, and we are thrilled with the future that waits for him.

And the future that waits for us! It is such a thrilling, exhilarating thing to watch the Lord's work, in spite of ours, in our children. Daily we marvel at His goodness. Daily we groan and laugh and wonder at how He moves and performs His will.

When I grew a little somber and mused to Ethan, "We have a college student!!!" Ethan quickly grounded me by saying,

"We have ONE."

Which does, you know, put things into perspective.

My work is not done.

So we will keep on doing the dishes and washing the clothes and threatening to meet any school-related eye-rolling and deep sighing with trash cans that need to be washed out. And we will keep cheering Ben on, and grumbling over his puns, and updating him on the Little Girl Antics.

Back to work, Ben.

You, and me, and them.

Rosie, getting the bubble mowing done


  1. Our first went to college last fall... can't believe these children are getting grown, but what a delight! Loved the tee - so fun.

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