Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Settling in

Things are finally starting to settle into a semi-routine. The crazy hectic non-busyness of summer has mostly dwindled; and we are easing into a new pace of sorts, discovering how we do this thing of functioning as a family while keeping the dishes and the laundry clean, schoolbooks found, and babies fed and dry.

Eden (6) enjoying her first taste of cotton candy. "It's yucky," they all agreed.
"Mama, next time you can just get more funnel cakes."
The tips and tricks of mothering a large family are few and effective: 1) assume the role of Child of the Light rather than Martyr, 2) learn to love your job (aka Fake It 'Til You Make It), 3) fiercely love your husband, 4) realize you do, after all, have it really, really, really good so choose to laugh, and 5) get off the computer. 

Simple, really.

I am amazed at how complicated we like to make things. 

(I readily admit, it's undoubtedly taxing [esp. that 3-yr. old in green]; but it's not rocket science.)


  1. I love rule #5!!! So true! The more time I spend on the computer, the less I'm able to cope with my life. I am always amazed at your must be incredibly busy! I only have 6+, 11 & under, and it's crazy....and I have one of those wonderful 3 year old boys too! So taxing, so precious!

  2. I love your rules, Rachel & I completely agree. Now I'm going to follow rule #5 & get off the computer. Congratulations on your newish little one. Beautiful family!


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