Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer

It doesn't feel like the first day of summer. It feels like the ... 17th or 18th. Or maybe 28th or 29th. But not 1st. Not to me.

We sort of slid out of school. There was no "This is the last day of school!" or ice cream party or week of watching videos like there was when I was in school. We just sort of started dropping subjects, and then we woke up one day and spent the whole day not doing school. Shortly thereafter, one of my friends asked if I was going to continue school through the summer. "No," I said. "I mean, how can you with yard work and projects and all the stuff around the house that has to be done?"

And the very next day we did school. And life was a little bit easier, because the children were occupied and there was a semblance of order. And then I thought, "How can you NOT do school, with all of the things that have to be done and a need for order?"

Aren't I confusing?

Lately my house has been driving me crazy. The rabbit stinks, no matter how often you change his (her?) bedding, there are always crumbs on the floor (and I am up to mopping the kitchen floor daily, mind you), various pieces of laundry and swimsuits and Legos and books and shoes are always strewn everywhere.

Ethan came (again!) to my rescue last week. He marched into the girls' room and started boxing up toys. Some of them were thrown away, some were donated to thrift stores, and some were boxed for future use.  The girls were eager to help (albeit easily distracted) and thrilled that their room was made so easy to clean.

Then Ethan went with me to pick up an outside rabbit hutch (with enclosed run -- and this thing is CUTE!). So the rabbit is out of the house and happy. And I am thrilled.

And once again I reminded that less is more/less is more/less is more. I am always the one to fight it hardest, thinking that we're taking something away from the kids or getting rid of something we'll desperately need or ... I don't know ... throwing something valuable away.

We never are! We never are!

Not that things are hunky-dory, mind you. The yard is still a wreck, the flower garden is mostly large weeds, there is a large trash pile in the middle of the driveway waiting for us to borrow a truck to cart it away, and I'm not sure where to put all of the blankets that have recently taken over the upstairs hallway.

But! Little by little, things will get done. And then winter will come and give us a break from the yard work, and we will be pining for the long lazy days of summer.

Wait. Long lazy days? Who coined that phrase, anyway? Was he seven? And single?


  1. Yes, it's at least the 20th day of summer. And we've been trying to clear some things out as well. I keep asking myself if I really want to keep the stuff that is in boxes under Jeremy's bed. I did get rid of a whole box of teaching materials that I hadn't used for 15 years.

  2. This made me smile. A lot. :) Our first day of summer was heralded by massive thunderstorms, and a cloudy, wet day. Sun today, though, by the look of it!!

    I don't have a big house...or children...to tidy/clean up after yet. But I kinda know what you mean. I've been wanting to get the car cleaned out for weeks. It still hasn't happened. Life just gets in the way of getting those things done sometimes...and that's ok.

    By the way, I LOVE the Walton's Mountain t-shirt. I wish that was on TV more!!

  3. Rachel, I was just looking at the calendar and thinking "Summer will be over before I know it!" And yet, yesterday was the "first" day of summer. Ha! Be thankful your girls are "easy" about getting rid of things. My kids think every last trinket from McDonald's is a long lost treasure. Cleaning rooms is, well, challenging. I wait for them to be out of the house. But I'm evil that way. :)


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