Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some New Reading

Finally, finally, FINALLY, my real-life friend Kendra has her own blog. Now I can quit saying, "My real-life friend Kendra taught me that..." every time I have a cool tip. I can just direct you to her blog.

My bread? Her recipe. Her yogurt? My recipe. You want to know anything about tapping maples, raising chickens, organic gardening, homeopathic treatments, being church accompanist, homeschooling, living life with a deployed spouse, renovating, or Canada? Ask her. (And notice, I stick this post under "Resources." Because she absolutely is!)

And to get her back for not telling me the address to her blog and just informing me that she was starting one (which led to about 8 minutes of googling that I could have spent watching funny youtubes practicing my Colossians memorization), I have linked to her twelve times. So go already!

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