Friday, February 18, 2011

Still Here

Well, the camera's in the van, the children are sleeping, and the downstairs smells like popcorn. I only mention this so that you know I still haven't uploaded pictures, it's late, and I'm partially watching a movie.

My days are equally distracted.

But while I run circles around myself, others are moving forward: the babies, who turned one on Feb. 2, are both walking. Gideon toddles like a pro and Salem just today started crossing entire rooms.

And Abraham (5) learned to ride a bicycle. On the first try. Ethan started to tell him to try to get the feel of the bike; when he let go, Abraham took off to the other side of the school parking lot. He's fast and furious and proud as all get-out. Also, he wants a bike of his own. One that's not pink with flowers.

So we clap for the babies and clap for Abey and drop into bed exhausted at the end of each day. But actually and overall, this is a great time to be parents. The children are still young and sweet, and the biggest drama of the week was our oldest (9) chasing his siblings around to "smell my armpits! Smell my armpits!" (Which led to a discussion about gross and stupid behavior -- and also led to a same-day trip to the store to pick up a manly deodorant for sensitive skin.  He's still my {smelly} baby.)

But now I smell popcorn, and I'm off to find the salt.

Good night!


  1. We tried to find starter deodorant a couple of years ago but finally settled on the strong stuff. And why do boys find such things so funny? Ben is very important to our boys and they've been wanting to plan a trip to Stanton.

  2. Mary,

    We would love to see your boys! You do know they get talked about daily here, right?

    And I DON'T KNOW why it's so hilarious to shove your armpit in someone's face. I can't for the life of me imagine even having a remote desire to do that.

    Boys. They're so...disgusting.

  3. Oh, Rachel, wait til they are older. :) Yesterday, Andrew, my 17 yo, belched as loud as possible and exclaimed it was an 8! Seriously, where do they get this??? It is NOT learned behavior! :)


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