Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two Weeks

This post is officially overdue, as the newest twins are really two weeks and two days old. I am discovering that much of life takes me significantly longer than I think it should. Getting ready for church? A full two hours. Two hours? How could it take two hours?


But it does.


And I just figured out today that, apart from my own grooming, I am cutting 160 fingernails/toenails a week. No wonder I hate numbers!


The last two weeks have been full of sleepless nights. We finally seem to have gotten the babies to a quasi-regular schedule of "This is day, when we mostly sleep," and "This is night, when we mostly sleep." Of course, their having caught the vicious cold their siblings are so readily sharing has not helped matters. They cough and hack and look pitiful. And I go too quickly to pick them up in the middle of the night. And then spend the next hours trying to get them back in their bed.


I'm tired.


These pictures are poor. Our lighting is bad here, and I never think to take pictures while there is still daylight. But AT LEAST we are taking them!


Gideon, doing his impression of a flower blooming:



Gideon soaking in the "tub":





Salem and Papa:




This next one is just because it cracks me up. We set them in the nursing pillow, where Salem screamed in protest, and Gideon promptly fell asleep. He's asleep in this picture. It was taken less than a minute after we set them in there.




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  1. I am sure you are sleep deprived, but hope you are able to enjoy these days. I have a crew of five and remember thinking of how many nails that was to trim... just daunting...


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