Thursday, November 5, 2009

Signs of Maturity

Our oldest son turns eight tomorrow. My husband remembers turning the Big 8, and it was BIG for him. He felt like he really was entering a new stage of life, that this was a monumental birthday.


Our son feels the same.


His pending birthday has been making him contemplative. Yesterday's errand run was full of thoughtful questions and observations:

  • "Why is it that we get that feeling that we've done something wrong when we haven't? What should we do when we get that feeling?"

  • "I don't always try to be nice to people. I try to be myself, normal. But sometimes a lot of niceness comes out."

  • "You know, I really feel like 8 is getting a lot older. I have a feeling I'm going to turn 8 and say to myself, 'Welcome to the world.'"


But the kicker was when he said, "Mom? I really DO feel like I am getting older."


"You do?" I asked. (I'd been thinking the same thing.)


"Yeah. I've got these long black hair thingys on my knees."



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  1. Rachel, so very sweet and fun... the things they say! My Gabriel (now 11) and I were in a sweet conversation about their step-grandfather always being in the family, according to him... he said that was the same reason he jump in the lake this last summer to get his Grandpa's hat, cause he couldn't remember a time when it wasn't in the family! LOL Thanks for sharing! I see you moved again!! You are such a trooper! Are y'all pastoring in Virginia? Drop by and fill me in on the adventures of late! --Patti


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