Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Day at the Park

Monday we played it low-key, spending time at home and then touring around Helena for a while. We looked at a house that was for sale (too much work!) and then headed for a new park we'd recently discovered.



For the first time, Jonathan loved the swing. He didn't grimace and hold his breath every time he swung backwards.



Everyone liked hanging out on the painted stage . . . although the blue of the painted sky looks pale compared to the blue of God's handiwork.



But I do think the hit of the day was watching the telephone company repair poles just outside the park fence:



In other news, Ben (7) asked me the other day, "$100 is a lot, right?"


Yes, that's a lot.


Lily (5): "So is God older than $100?"     


Um, yes, God is older than 100.


Lily: "Is He older than $1000?"


Yes, He's much older than 1000.


Lily: "Then He sure must have a lot of crinkles!"


. . . Anyone have a chapter and verse on that one?




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