Monday, November 24, 2008

Montana City

Ethan and our Brave Friend Doug are flying in tomorrow from Montana. They have spent the last seven days searching far and wide for a rental for us to live in while we get our bearings and search for a more permanent home.


Brave Friend Doug was Friend Doug before he agreed to accompany Ethan, driving one of our vans to Helena. Brave Friend Doug and Ethan tested our route (it takes longer than Mapquest wants to admit), leaving a van in Montana so that we have one less vehicle to worry about.


And they did good. They found us a home in Montana City (10 minutes outside of Helena). It backs up to the BLM (Border Bureau of [what do I know? I'm still a Virginian] Land one can build there), so there is lots of land for the children and our sanity. It's on a mountain, and the view is "as beautiful as I can imagine" (Ethan's words). It's a 3-bedroom (us, the boys, the girls) with a living room, family room, extra room (schoolroom!), and a heated 2-car garage with an additional room (office!).


I am excited. The take-off date is December 15th. Ethan's mother has volunteered to drive with me (can you imagine??) in the van with the children, and my brother has volunteered to drive with Ethan in the moving van.


I can't wait to see our new home.



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  1. so should i hold the christmas gifts for the babies until after the move? and what about the christmas card?

    reach me at


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