Monday, October 20, 2008


After hearing four of my children tell me about their wonderful adventures playing "bolleyball" with some friends from church, I decided it was time to set things straight.


"It's volleyball. Vvvv. Volleyball."


"Volleyball," said Benjamin (6).


"Volleyball," said Lily (4).


"Bolleyball," said Abraham and Miriam (3).


"No. Vvvvolleyball."


"Vvvvv...bolleyball," said Abraham and Miriam.


"No. Listen. Say van."


"Now say volleyball."


"We'll try again later."


[10 minutes later]

Abraham: "Mom! Mom!"

Yes, Abraham, what??!!!!

"Watch me! Watch! Ready?






1 comment:

  1. next thing i know, i'm going to be coming back to calls of "vecca"


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