Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Our Tree


This picture is for my friend Jamie, who is dealing with fresh snowfall in Montana.


It was taken today, where it is a balmy (dare I say almost HOT?) mid-70's. The early morning clouds ceased weeping and dissipated before an increasingly intense sun.


Even the tree in the front yard expressed surprised delight at the change in the elements, this pleasant gentle April Fool's pranking by the heavenlies.


And I figured a little temperate rubbing in couldn't hurt . . .




  1. i just saw this....if i could stick out a tongue on the internet i would!

  2. Jamie, don't get so upset. I just figured you would be thrilled that I don't have to go through the cold and misery that you do :) :)

    I never knew you would be so resentful...

    My, my.


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