Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My youngest cousin, when she was three years old, used to ask, “What are you doing in the world?” instead of “What in the world are you doing?” Either way, here’s what we’re doing…


Ethan started classes last week.  He’s in his final year of seminary, and these five classes look to be as enjoyable as seminary classes can be when you live in the real world (with wife and kids whose idea of a good seminary joke is, “It’s all Greek to me!”). He is done with his language classes, which means no more lengthy exegesis papers that make this proofreader’s head swim. He has his senior sermon to preach in October; and that, along with the upcoming oral licensure exam, will be good to have done.


Benjamin (5) has had a very productive summer. Thanks to his Aunt Becca, he’s learned to tie his shoes; and thanks to his papa, he’s learned to ride a bike (but not stop it!). He gets more capable and more confident each day. He has inherited my tendency to aim the bike straight for whatever he most wants to miss (who knew that was genetic?) and has about six bike-related scrapes, of which he’s very proud. He loves math, and his reading has gotten much stronger.


Lily (3) is quite the accomplished beautician. At any given moment, her hair has at least three clips in it, and brushing is optional. She loves to play with Benjamin and is rarely seen away from him. She is a very able big sister, and she often changes the twins’ diapers and asks how she can help. Sometimes it amazes me to see how gentle and loving she is towards her siblings.


Abraham (2) is getting potty-trained, which for him means that he sits on the potty singing loudly for about ten minutes, gets up, and promptly goes on the floor. He is also unnervingly good at sound effects. When we were in Maine, he perfectly imitated the musical saw at the farmer’s market; and he loves to imitate the vacuum and wheat grinder, which always gives me a start and him a good laugh. He continues to be the ham of the family and enjoys long hugs.


Miriam (2) is also getting potty-trained, which for her means going on the potty, getting praised, Mommy cleaning potty, two minutes later going on the potty, getting praised, Mommy cleaning potty, two minutes later going on the potty, getting praised, Mommy cleaning potty, two minutes later going on the potty, getting praised, Mommy cleaning potty, two minutes later going on the potty, Mommy cleaning potty, getting diaper on. Enough is enough! Her vocabulary has really expanded; and she is always busy busy busy, making sure everyone is doing what she thinks they should be, and helping maximize the trouble her twin is getting into.


Eden (7 mos.) is quite the troublemaker now! Her hair is massive and I have to clip it so it doesn’t hang in her face where she’s not coordinated enough to pull it back. She crawls everywhere and pulls up on any surface available (couch, chair, leg, toy basket…). She cruises along the couch to reach whoever’s closest; and her favorite activities include attempting the stairs and pulling videos down from the entertainment center. Edee had her first word on Monday, and it was…drum roll, please… “MAMA!” She says it on command and usually when she wants food, so it could mean “more,” but I’ll just take it at face value and say it means “Mama.” It beats “hi,” (2 kids), “ball,” and “no,” which were the other firsts around here.


And me? I’m busy running in circles, getting dog-tired but never quite able to catch my tail. I have enjoyed playing around in the kitchen with cost-effective, healthy meals. Summer was fun, laid-back, and memorable; and now the school year looms ahead. Fortunately, I only have one that I have to be legally schooling and that one is only 5 years old, but I do need to get some routines in place as little ones quickly wreak havoc otherwise. I am a bonafide schedule-hater (and yes, I do own Managers of Their Homes and still declare loudly that I hate schedules), but I do enjoy a good routine now and then. You know, to down with my coffee.

So, what are you doing in the world?


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  1. So, How do you survive being a schedule hater? I also am an avid schedule hater, but I don't think I'm surviving, and I know if I could just follow a schedule, I might make it. What a dilema!


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